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Shanghai Inlity Lighting Electronics Co., Ltd.

LED panel lights, LED pendant lights, LED wall lights, LED ceiling lights

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  • Phone: +86-21-37620337
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    103, No. 30, Lane 188, Maoting Road, Chedun Town, Songjiang Dist., Shanghai, China
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Company Profile
Inlity Lighting offers an exquisite collection of interior lights including LED panel lights, LED pendant lights, LED wall lights and LED ceiling lights. A stylish interpretation of the simplicity characterized by modern silhouette, the clean, modern design of Inlity's products seamlessly integrates cutting edge LED technology with state-of-the-art optical systems to offer unforgettable lighting experience while complementing a wide array of decor. Founded in 2005, Inlity was created by a team of creative lighting professionals who are passionate in combining top light quality and energy efficiency with aesthetically appealing design to deliver both form and function in sophisticated lighting systems.

Inlity's lighting solutions are based on the edge-lit technology with an innovative waveguide optical architecture and proprietary light recycling designs. The ultrathin sleek profile with clean lines upgrades the aesthetics and enhances the visual comfort of today's commercial and residential architecture. Inlity employs industry-leading design and engineering practices to offer distinguished style and outstanding photometric performance. For well over a decade, Inlity's products that fuse industrial design with an artistic flair have been the sought-after choice for architects, lighting designers, and design-savvy customers. Inlity's fully-equipped manufacturing facility offers a full range of in-house capabilities to deliver refined design, performance engineering and value-added manufacturing.
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